For many years our office is ranked as one of the leading Austrian firms for Intellectual Property and for the Law against Unfair Competition:


“Die von zwei Partnern geführte Wiener IP-Boutique gehört zu den Kanzleien mit großer Präsenz bei Prozessen in nahezu allen IP-Bereichen.”


“Wiltschek Plasser Rechtsanwälte is a boutique firm specialising in IP and unfair competition law, advising clients in the consumer goods and pharmaceutical sectors on matters pertaining to patent, trade mark and copyright protection.”

WTR 1000

“Wiltschek Plasser is a wise choice for disputes with commercially significant ramifications, thanks to its specialisation in both IP and European Law. Its nimble approach is crucial to its success, and its lean size and streamlined structure allows for substantial partner attention on every case, all while maintaining low expenses and low overheads. Lothar Wiltschek and David Plasser lead the practice. For over 40 years, Wiltschek has been the go-to adviser when IP disputes become contentious, and has exceptional expertise and experience that gives his following an edge over their competitors. The same can be said for Plasser, who has achieved successful outcomes in cases involving trademarks, patents, copyright and unfair competition.”


“Wiltschek Plasser is a noteworthy IP boutique with a strong focus on clients from the life sciences sector, as well as those active in the advertising, technology and manufacturing fields. The team is particularly focused on contentious and non-contentious trade mark and patent law with further expertise in unfair competition.”

“Wiltschek Plasser Rechtsanwälte does great work and is strong in opposition proceedings. The lawyers are sensible and good decision makers.”

Lothar Wiltschek is widely appreciated for his longstanding expertise in the Austrian IP market. Clients benefit from his strength in handling complex patent and copyright proceedings. “Lothar Wiltschek is the best in the business.”

Strong work highlights and feedback from commentators see David Plasser rise in the rankings. He is held in high esteem for his prowness in handling patent litigation as well as enforcement proceedings, with further expertise in licensing agreements and trade mark issues. “David Plasser is a calming presence who speaks with certainty and experience in patent litigation. He is a great thinker, who is clever and manoeuvres well.”

iam Patent 1000

A staple of the Austrian market, Wiltschek Plasser provides thorough litigation counsel to those who seek out its services. It has established long-lasting relationships with rights holders in a variety of industries, but the troop has a particular affinity for pharmaceutical briefs. Founding partners Lothar Wiltschek and David Plasser are the driving forces behind the group. Wiltschek is an eminent name in the Vienna IP-scene and has been entrusted with some of the country’s landmark cases; while Plasser enthuses his clients with well-informed, thoughtful counsel that always keeps commercial goals in mind.